We are a team of ten bloggers and journalists who decided to pool our knowledge about the mortgage industry, to put together a regularly updated blog.

In a previous life, we have been mortgage advisors, real estate agents and other professionals involved in the mortgage industry.

We know first-hand all the tricks and hints that you need, in order to get ahead with the application on your dream home.

Because, in our professional capacity, we have seen so many people for whom it has all gone wrong, we decided to set up a blog with some pointers on how to avoid these pitfalls.

The frustrating thing for a lot of homebuyers is that simply no one was there to advise them, when they were completing their mortgage application process. The one story we hear a lot from them, is how they wished someone had warned them of the potential problems.

As real estate agents, we also saw an awful lot of our clients go off and make these really elementary mistakes with their mortgage application and then lose their dream home.

Although we cannot promise that you will definitely be accepted for a mortgage, we can certainly point out some of the classic clangers to avoid when applying, which will boost your chances of actually being accepted.

Mortgage applications are not straightforward or a cakewalk, but we hope that we have managed to make them as simple as possible for you to understand.

We hope our resource is of some use to you and will guide you through the confusion of your mortgage application!